The law in developed countries does not allow students on a student visa to work off-campus. But on-campus job opportunities are available. It is possible to work on campus for 20 hours per week. Almost every student studying abroad get on campus jobs depending on their capabilities and efforts. The pay can vary from $6 to $12 per hour, depending on the area and the type of work a student gets. Even if a student gets an average of $7 per hour, he can earn around $500 per months which is more than enough to take care of cost of living of a student. You may even pay of your tuition fee from the savings. Jobs can vary from working in a computer lab to library work dishwashing in the cafeteria.

Therefore before leaving for America it is advisable that students must learn computer basics like windows word Excel, C++ Visual basic, oracle, java, HTML etc. Basic Computer knowledge is must irrespective of the field of specialization. Even if it is something like Psychology, Medical, Pharmacy, Civil, Chemistry or Fine Arts etc.



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