First of all I would like to thank Meridian for supporting me throughout the admission process. I am very happy now as I got admission in MS CS, USA. Which is the most aggressive and competitive branch of the era.

 I never thought I would be able to complete GRE & TOEFL exam very smoothly as I studied in Hindi medium school. Guidance of Ashwini Sir made it easy for me. At first I wanted to prepare for GATE so that I could get admission in any good college here in India. But chances of getting into IIT’s are less as there are very few seats so I started preparation of GRE after completion of my undergrad. After giving GRE I started searching for colleges. I was able to search for colleges globally because GRE enabled me to apply worldwide. On the basis of rank, post MS opportunities, value for Work, Job environment made me to choose US. I would say GRE is an exam which will give you opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

 GRE is a nice option for those who wants a global prospective as CAT or GATE will limit you with limited good colleges in India only. No one can beat the quality of education that US universities provide. Fees of universities ranges from 15 Lacks to 30 Lacks. That you can take loan and after MS you can return it because everyone gets good package after MS around 30 Lacks-55 Lacks. So work hard for GRE and US education.


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