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France is one of Europe’s largest countries. It is bordered by six countries other nations: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. It is the most popular tourist destination of the world.  There are many reasons why so many people enjoy visiting the diverse country, including the natural beauty, the amazing climate, outdoor recreational activities such as golf courses, art museums and galleries and so much more.  There are many different activities that outline the history of the country which are enjoyable to visitors, especially considering its turbulent past.

Another important fact about France is that it is high on the list of best places in the world to attend university. Individuals of all ages can attend any of the fabulous colleges and universities in the country and expect to earn a great education. France is home to some of the best universities in the world, and the country leads the way in a number of industries.

For an individual seeking the pleasure of studying in one of the most peaceful environments, France is the goto destination not just because of its serenity but also because of the level of priority they give to education.

Why study in France ?

The French higher education system is one of the best in Europe, and the world. Dozens of French universities are regularly placed high in international university rankings. There are currently more than 250,000 international students in France. No matter what country you are coming from, you can expect to be welcomed with open arms. There is so much diversity in France. It is one of the things that keeps the country such an amazing place to be for all.

France has more than 3,500 institutions of higher education, including the following:

77 publicly-funded universities, offering degrees in all disciplines and serving as the primary academic research centers

A parallel system of Grandes Ecoles offering  scientific, business, art and other specific programs, which offer 5-year diplomas which are equivalent to a Masters degree

Schools of architecture

More than 3,000 specialized schools offering degrees in a wide variety of subjects, including hotel management, culinary arts, tourism, and social work.

Some major reasons that France is able to convince students from all around the world are:

Attractive tuition rates in France

Quality higher education adapted to students’ needs

Outstanding research and development opportunities

France is a world-class economic power

France is home to leading international corporations: Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH,

L’Oréal, Danone…

Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors

French lifestyle: Paris is the #1 student city! (QS Best Student Cities, 2014)

French is the third most common business language

France is an appealing destination for students worldwide

Universities and courses

There are 65 universities with 310 courses provided in English. Even when studying in France in English, you should not miss the opportunity to learn French. Not only because you will learn a beautiful language that enables you to speak to around 270 million people in almost 30 countries; but also because you will need some French in your everyday life.

Among the well-known universities are École Normale Supérieure, École Polytechnique, Pierre and Marie Curie University, and University of Paris-Sud.

There are also many great options to study for an MBA in France: The country is home to many of the best-ranked elite business schools in Europe. Among them are HEC Paris, Insead, ESCP Europe (which also has campuses abroad), and Edhec Business School, to name but a few.

Some of the major streams popular in France are














If you are looking to build a future career in one of the areas listed above you can certainly count on getting the best education through one of the fine colleges found in France.

Other Fine courses

Arts : Art is also something that the French know plenty about. Some of the world’s best artists come from here.  An Arts degree can open an exciting world of possibilities and potential while helping you to take on a greater appreciation of the fine arts of the country.

International Business: International Business is yet another popular course taught in France in which you can earn your degree. When you enhance your skills to learn international business you will have a plethora of opportunities ahead of you.

Fashion: Fashion is another leading industry in France and when you choose to enroll in a college to learn fashion you can ensure yourself of a great future ahead. Since France is known for their exquisite style and fashion you can count on earning a degree that really means something when it is Fashion that interests you.


There are a number of grants and scholarships available from the French to citizens wishing to continue their education in France. The number of funds, trusts and grants available for international students is much less. There are several different options that are available including French Government grants, grants by the Government of a native country or aid from international and non-Governmental organizations. Financial aid in France can be awarded to a student based on the need for the help or merit.Some of the internal and external scholarships available in academic institutions in France can cover partial or total expenses of attending college.

Living in France

The standard of living in France is remarkably high, and one thing is certain: Studying in France is going to be a great, life-changing experience for you.  Because education in France is so diverse and sought after by individuals across the country, student-friendly rental housing is popular in the country. There are many rentals available that require no lease at all or a short-term lease. This option makes it easy for anyone to take care of their accommodation needs.

Also, financial aid may cover some of the costs of your living while you are studying in France. If you are a student with a permit and low income you may qualify for such benefits.

For more information to study in France please call us back of contact in person only with an appointment.

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