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English Language Training

How will you learn?

Through the
L – listening
R – reading
W – writing
S – speaking



Main idea
Supporting ideas

for reading and listening


  • Etymology and suffix and prefix
  • Emotions
  • Colloquialisms
  • Idioms
  • ESP – English for Specific Purpose


  • Structure
  • Tone and audience
  • Purpose
  • Argument – planning and structuring
  • Proofing
  • Editing

Who is this for?

Any one who wishes to improve their communication – comprehension as well as expression – will benefit from this course. It will help you in academic, professional and personal interactions.

How will you learn?

Each lesson comes with a set of videos, either by the teacher or through academic links online.

Apart from that, there will be live sessions with the teacher to discuss and understand the concepts through exercises that will improve the target reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

End of lesson exercises will help you gauge your progress.

End of unit projects will provide insight into real-life usage and help you focus on your areas of improvement.

The Course

The course has 8 units. Each unit has 12 lessons and ends with a practical project to help assimilate the learning.

Why this course?

When it comes to confidence, does English come in the way of you mastering an arena – at office, or in personal life? Have you struggled to feel like you have the tools to tell the world of your real potential because you don’t know how? Do you know your subject well, but can’t pass a hurdle because English comes in the way?

Then this course is for you.

Learning a language isn’t about stand-alone grammar lessons. If that were the case, so many wouldn’t be struggling to master a particular language. Like our mother tongue feels so natural, the language we wish to learn should feel somewhat natural, too. In order to make that happen, we must know how to manipulate the words and the structure of the said language, in this case – English.

To feel like a confident, effective communicator and capable individual in an English-centred world, learn English the right way.

The course will end with a set of varied tests to certify whether you are ready for your future.


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