Dr. Prshant Shinde

USA offers variety of choices and flexibility in pursuing degree in desired field of study. The quality of education provided […]


Nitish Shah

I am Nitish Shah from Rungta College of Engineering and Technology, Raipur. It is a matter of great privilege for […]

Amit Yadav

Amit Yadav

When I was planning for my higher studies in US, I could count on my fingers those people who left […]


Komal Joshi

USA is known for its best institutes all over the world and good thing about USA is getting into those […]


Kunal Gupta

I am Kunal gupta going to Georgia tech university, Atlanta, USA. Thank you Sonar sir and Meridian studies for directing […]


Radha Chavali

I am Radha Chavali going to University of Texas at Dallas. Thank you Meridian studies for taking me towards my […]



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