Why Study Abroad?

Each year many students from the whole world come to United States to pursue a higher education each year out of which many are from India.

People often wonder why at all one should go abroad for higher studies. Why thousands of Indian students went abroad for education since many years. The one single biggest reason is that the easiest route to success is to go for study abroad.

Generally the parents enquire whether it is advisable to send a child for United States of America for higher studies. If the student is academically good or above average and wishes to go in to traditional or nontraditional areas of studies, then the level of education he can get abroad especially in United States will be extremely high, worldwide acceptable and recognized, Which is sometimes available in premier Indian institutions like IIM, IIT’s, NIT’s…etc only. Where even getting admission is very tough and getting a branch of student’s choice is even more difficult. Several institutions in United States are considered even much better than any of this elite Indian institution. Even after tremendous hard work a student is able to enter into elite institutions like IIT’s, IIM’s etc, Indian students ultimate destination still remains United States. Maximum number of the students graduating from these elite institutions straight away goes to United States either for Job or for Higher Studies.

It is comparatively easier to get admission in very good United States University as they are very large in numbers in comparison to any premier Indian institutions. Institutions and Universities in United States are far better in comparison to the infrastructure and education system of many developing countries. There are several student support systems to help student to overcome his study related problems including financing higher education.

One can easily understand that US higher education adds considerable value to your professional development. A US education can enhance your career and prepare you for leadership in your country. It can broaden your horizons and expose you to a variety of perspectives, the latest technology, and state-of-the-art research and training. A degree from a US college or university is a stamp of excellence that marks you for life.

Excellent opportunities and less competition abroad

It is very difficult to obtain world class education in India because India has extremely limited choice of job and there are very few good universities and institutions such as the IIT, IIM, NIT’s where admission is extremely competitive because of limited number of seats. So even very bright students are forced to study in an average institution in India. Studying in India has also become quite expensive and still there is no guarantee that engineering, medical or a management degree holder can even secure a good job according to their expectations. The return for the efforts, time and money spent on an Indian degree is quite low as compared to degree from an US institution.

Flexibility of education with International Exposure

One of the reasons to study abroad is very high standard and quality of the education abroad but even more important is the International exposure where you get the chance to interact with people of different countries & technologies.

The education system in the abroad especially in US and Canada is extremely flexible. In many developing countries if you choose commerce or mathematics stream in your 11 class, then you cannot change your area of specialization. Sometimes a student is bound to stick with an uninteresting area of study for the whole life. In the developed countries, you are always provided with option of changing your branch or area of specialization. However, before changing of area of study, a student has to first enroll for few pre-core courses.

A student can also select his professor, the time and day he shall take this specified number of lectures per week and even postpone an examination, if student has a valid reason.

Earn while you learn

Almost every student does part-time job by working on campus (Allowed right from the first day) earning enough money to meet his entire living expenses. In this mode of learning, a student not only gains academically but also become independent, mature responsible with broadening of his horizons. A student on scholarship or financial assistance can meet all his educational and living expenses apart from saving some of the money. Various modes of financial assistance are available abroad to support the education. Financial assistance can be in the form of Scholarships, Fee Waiver, Teaching assistantship, Research assistantship etc.sometimes a student get an opportunity to work on co-operative work programs to get practical exposure as well as monetary gain. This is very high benefit which a student does not get in India.

High Salaries, High savings and high standard of living

United States called the land of opportunities where sky rocketing salary packages await for talented individuals. After Completing higher education MS / MBA a student can mostly get a starting salary in the range of $55,000 to $70,000 per annum or more than that dependent on his talent and skills as there is no limit for potential candidates. Salary structure depends on many factors, such as student area of specialization, the university from where a student obtained a degree, the geographical area where student get the job and obviously the student’s academic and practical abilities to convince the employer. A student can save good amount of money not only during job but also during his studies if he gets financial assistance.

Apart from very high acceptability of US degree around the world United States offers the highest quality of education, large no of universities (3000 universities and institutions of higher education),less racism, high quality of life, excellent job opportunities, very good salaries.

US spend huge amount of money in millions in Research & Development. USA offers the best research facilities where cutting edge research is conducted every hour, the finest libraries were specific knowledge is stored million of books. A university can be as big as occupying 500-1500 acres of campus. Some have river flowing through. Students from 50 to 140 countries are studying at these colleges, with 6000-50000 students living on campus. The classroom atmosphere is very informal and teachers are addressed by their first names. The students carry Coca-Cola, etc. in the class dressed in shorts and T- shirts. There are several on and off campus housing available with all furnishings, refrigerator, cooking facilities, electricity, gas etc. The campus is generally surrounded with stores of all kinds catering to every need of an international student, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Marquee Aishwarya Soni, NIT Raipur to Arizona State University, USA| Arpit Chandraker, SSIPMT, Raipur to Arizona State University, USA | Nayan Raut, BIT, Durg to Conestoga, Canada. | Niranjan Jain, Sanjay University, Maharashtra to University of Illinois Springfield USA. | Rohan Jaiswal , SSIPMT Raipur to Texas Tech University, USA | Rudraja Vansutre , SSIPMT Raipur to University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA | Shreyas Mishra, Shankara Bhilai to University of Albany USA | Shruti Mandokar , Symbiosis Pune to Purdue Forte Wayne, USA |

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